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What is Home Care?
Home Care is any type of care that is provided to someone in their home. In simple terms, it can be a licensed caregiver, a home health aid, a nurse, or any medical professional who comes into your home to provide care. Home care allows patients to stay in the comfort of their own homes as they recover from injuries or as their health worsens.

What Type of Care can be Provided?
Any care that a patient needs can be provided by a home care agency. Many agencies offer home health aids to help people with shopping, running errands, taking medications, cleaning house, and more. You also can hire nurses through home care agencies to help with medical needs such as wound care, medication administration, and memory care.

Is Home Care Flexible?
Home care is very flexible for patients and their families. Caregivers and medical professionals can come to a patient’s home multiple times per day or multiple times per week. The type of care and the frequency of care can be determined by the patient and the home care company.

Is Home Care Expensive?
Home care is typically covered by many insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. Talk with your doctor and the home care agencies in your city in order to find the best option for you and your family. The price of home care is often a lot less than the price of a nursing home or assisted living.

How to Choose Between Home Care or Sending Your Loved One to an Assisted Living Facility
Home care and assisted living facilities are both great options for loved ones who need a bit of extra help. However, if your loved one lives alone and needs a bit more than daily help then an assisted living facility may be for them. If your loved one only needs help with a few things throughout the day or even the week, then home care may be the best option for them. Home care is a wonderful option for short term injuries, and for loved ones who just need a bit of extra companionship or help with medical needs or daily living.

Who Qualifies for Home Care?
Any patient who needs short term or long term help and has issues leaving their home may qualify for home health care. If your loved one recently fell, was injured, or simply became ill and isn’t bouncing back quickly then they may qualify for short term home care. If your loved one has complex medical needs and has trouble leaving their home, then they may also qualify for home health care. Talk with your loved one’s doctor about home health care and he or she can write a prescription for the care and try to get it approved by their insurance.

Resources for Families
For more information on home health care and the different services that are available for your family, visit these websites.

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