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How Can Seniors Develop Pneumonia?

How Can Seniors Develop Pneumonia?

Pneumonia kills more than 50,000 Americans every year, the majority of whom are people aged 65 and older, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Home Health Aides in New Jersey must know what causes seniors to develop this disease to come up with a more effective prevention plan.

Seniors can develop pneumonia if:

  • They have a weakened immune system. This makes older people more susceptible to infections and disease.
  • They have preexisting conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.
  • They develop comorbidity. Seniors who have the flu or other respiratory illnesses are more likely to see their sickness turn into pneumonia.
  • Loss/inability to cough. Older adults who are generally frail and suffering from the chronic disease may not be able enough to produce a strong cough, which can help expel things inside their bodies that cause harm ex; germs that can cause pneumonia.
  • They smoke. Tobacco damages the lungs making it more difficult for the body to fight infections.

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