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Indicators That An Elderly Needs A Home Health Aide


There are various signs of physical and mental decline in an elderly loved one that can indicate it’s time to seek professional help from senior care agencies and caregivers. The most noticeable signs of physical decline are:

  • Severe or long-term illnesses.
  • Frequent falls.
  • Impaired mobility.
  • Having a recent injury or surgery.

A home health aide in New Jersey is typically involved in non-medical tasks, suitable for elders with mild conditions or while still in the early stages of a disease. Even without disease, a change in routine and a decline in hygiene signals seniors need assistance performing daily activities like personal care. Whether it’s difficulty going to the toilet or getting extra sensitive to food, a professional in elderly care can take care of it.

Elders with conditions that affect mobility require assistance from another person and devices or tools. Another sign is when a loved one shows signs of cognitive decline, often in the form of forgetfulness. It is detrimental, especially for those living alone and taking medications. A home care agency in Union, New Jersey, prevents the hazards of skipping medications.

Unusual behavioral, emotional, and social changes in a person often show in the form of confusion, erratic mood, or reluctance to socialize. Whether it’s a result of a degenerative disorder or an underlying psychological condition, compassionate care from a caregiver can find relief in another person’s company and alleviate the stress brought by these changes.

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