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Ways to Assist the Elderly with Mobility Problems


Mobility often becomes an issue as our loved ones age and encounter increasing physical challenges. Outfront Home Care LLC has compiled some ideas for how you can help seniors with mobility challenges thrive while remaining connected to friends and family.

If your elderly parents or other loved ones require assistance standing, walking, or rising from a seated position, aside from compassionate care, be sure they have the appropriate equipment. Further modifications, such as grab bars or other safety and accessibility changes, can be added throughout the home. They may require a ramp or stair lift if they reside in a house with stairs.

Be cautious of potential problems if you’re hosting a family gathering or taking an aging loved one somewhere other than their home. Consider the following:

  • Is there a staircase leading into the house/building?
  • Is there a conveniently accessible restroom?
  • Would there be comfortable seating that your loved one can enter and exit on their own or with assistance?

These questions should be considered before choosing a restaurant, event place, or even a family home to congregate in if you want your aging loved one to feel safe, comfortable, and included despite their mobility challenges.

Isolation can become a severe concern for seniors if mobility issues are not addressed—and having help and a home health aide in New Jersey at home can sometimes make all the difference.

Our competent, dedicated caregivers can aid seniors with mobility challenges at home with anything from personal care to attending medical appointments or social gatherings. The better a senior is helped at home, the more energy they will have to interact with loved ones and enjoy their lives.

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